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Everymile’s customer service specialists act as ambassadors for your brand, looking after your customers with accountability and integrity.

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We can look after the entire DTC journey, from pre-purchase product enquiries to resolving issues post-purchase, providing a personal level of service that ensures a positive experience. We deliver a balance of technology-based and human interactions to make sure that all queries are swiftly resolved in the best way possible – for you, and for your customers. We ensure that all scenarios for queries and refunds are agreed and followed, and our fully trained service agents are kept up to date with any changes as they happen.

  • Everymile’s secure platform seamlessly integrates with a range of channels (phone, text, social media, WhatsApp)
  • Our tech stack is designed to evolve, with regular upgrades and new tech deployments taking place in the background as part of our continuous improvement ethos
  • We configure our offering to suit your requirements (including legal and regulatory compliance) ready to scale and grow with localised services for different time zones and languages
  • Service performance is assessed using customer feedback, and learnings applied to shape future experiences, supporting continuous improvement and increasing NPS

Our focused client onboarding process ensures our customer service team understand your business, your customers and the level of service that your products require. From ultra-high-net-worth individuals buying a high-value luxury product to a shopper looking for a new skincare solution, they’ll receive service that exceeds their expectations and inspires loyalty and advocacy.

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